Sunday, September 14, 2014

Greenhouse-Effect-Songs-2014 // "BRANDY" The Classic From Los Angeles California @ Twitter ! BMI RECORDINGS 2014.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Greenhouse Effect 'Precarious' 1988. Keegan / Hagins.

1988. The first song ever recorded by Greenhouse Effect.
A Phil Keegan Guitar riff that is a classic as inspired possibly by Led Zeppelin 4 or maybe Deep Purple ,...but then Clark Hagins - at age 22 - added like these David Bowie Meets Robert Plant inspired Vocals with Lyrics that seem to come from Maybe a Peter Gabriel era Genesis album ( Watcher of the skies ?? ),...
Just a three piece band, G.e. featured a power struggle game between Drummer / Singer Hagins and Keegan as funny looking Red headed bassist Rock Carmody Looked on.
The band jammed at Carmody's house for many yearss before venturing out to play some of the "South Bay's" ( Redondo Beach / Torrance California ) Most exciting gigs !!
"G.e. was an enigma of weird garage rock in a time when 1980's cheesy Heavy Metal ruled the Sunset Strip scene ,...we were way too far ahead of our time,..yet we were also quite behind,.. we were stuck in 1968 forever ( Laughs )" Says Haggins. "But as time went on, I accidentally discovered that we were the original Grunge band !!" Says Haggins. 
Hagins would mail into Record Labels as many pictures of G.e. as he could assemble and as many tapes as he could have recorded of the band ,..but nothing worked. Even when a few excited Record Label People inquired about the band to Hagins or Keegan, Hagins knew it was just another thing that was gonna end up going nowhere. "I just had a feeling that G.e. was destined for something,...but it always left me feeling blank ,..because I knew I could never get support ,..or something Like that,.."
"Racers' is a track from that first album in 88' that seems to reflect the drab isolationism of Hagins and it is somewhat in stark contrast to "Precarious",...
In 1989, they issues the "Four Song" E.p, ..which featured "Snake" ,..another isolatory song ,..

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Greenhouse-Effect-Songs; 'Winers, Diners, and Social Climbers" Live 1992.

=========================== ON FEB 2, 1992, GREENHOUSE EFFECT EXPLODED WITH 'WINERS, DINERS, AND SOCIAL CLIMBERS" PERFORMED LIVE AS CLARK HAGINS DOMINATES THE ACTION WITH HIS DAZZLING GUITAR WORK !! At Vimeo, he said in 2009; "That night was not an exceptional night for G.e. that just happened to be filmed,...THAT WAS HOW WE ALWAYS WERE EVERY NIGHT !" The gig was filmed by Hagins' brother Geoff Hagins on a camcorder at a tiny Gig that today seems to loom much Larger at a Place called "The Reactor' on Highland Avenue in Manhattan Beach Calif. "That's G.e ,..we were a Great band and we still are ,..this is why we rock so big on the internet today" Says Haggins.