Saturday, June 6, 2015

Greenhouse Effect Brandy @ Twitter 2015. BMI MUSIC.

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12,346,934 Views - Youtube Video 2009 - The Greenhouse Effect's "Brandy" has found a home all across the internet and seems to work fantastically at Jango Radio FM !! The extremely catchy melodic Songwriting hits hard with some big drumming and powerful lead vocals from Clark Hagins along with some incendiary guitar attacks that have become internet legend in 2010. "There are so many indie bands now that suck" Says Hagins. "They have no passion and zero Songwriting abilities ,..there is no atmosphere in their music , is void, empty ,..these bands from today are largely a waste of time ,..a big fucking waste of time and money,.." Hagins appears to know what he is talking about as his music seems to hit from totally different angles than the standard "Indie" rock of the day today. "Misogynistia" ( She's A Bitch,..and then You Live )is another powerful track that achieves to rip out your heart and your brain along with the deep poetic lyrics found in "Coke Snorting" ,... "There is a severe passion in G.e. " Says Hagins "It has connected with millions of people online ,..and in over 200 Countries,.. G.e. is EVERYWHERE !!" "BRANDY" displays a sadness and isolationism that is lacking in today's indie music ,..there also is a genuine sincere anger rooted in it's grooves,...Hagins recorded all of the instruments virtually by himself, except for the bass playing which was performed by funny looking red haired four stringer Rick Carmody. Being from the "South Bay" area of Redondo Beach ( Los Angeles ) which is a punk rock mecca fits well with the G.e. mystique ,.. "So many people have seen and heard G.e. online and we really are their introduction world wide to that community" Says Hagins " but quite frankly ,..I think a lot of the people there - and bands ,..suck ,...we really are like the only good fucking shit there ,..." =============================================================================================================

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Greenhouse Effect Songs 2015 "Theme" Amazing Music 2015 BMI Recordings. from Naruto Suzuki Japan on Vimeo.
===================================== 'THEME' is the amazing song by GREENHOUSE EFFECT, The Los Angeles California band that has worked the internet for over a decade better than any other Rock Group online. ====================================
Greenhouse Effect Songs 2015 "Theme" Amazing Music 2015 BMI Recordings. from Naruto Suzuki Japan on Vimeo.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

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Greenhouse Effect "Brandy" 2015 - Songwriting that has changed the Internet !! ( BMI MUSIC ) UMG 2015.

GREENHOUSE-EFFECT-SONGS-2015 "BRANDY" - AMAZING SONGWRITING From Los Angeles California and Clark Hagins who is an internet Household word and who has written and Published over 93 Songs on the internet. In 2001, Hagins made a Surfing film dedicated to Tom Curran where he used his song "Katy's Song" ,..the video immediately became a classic of the Net !! In 2005, Hagins discovered Youtube where his song "Brandy" and "White Black Thang" became internet hits by 2007 and 2008 amassing over 11 Million Views which led Hagins to places like Vimeo, Jango Radio, and Blip Tv where Hagins began to make money running commercials with his songs: "At Blip Tv, I became like the biggest guy on there,.... I was making a lot of money and becoming a Minor Web celebrity where people would stop me in public and talk to me and ask me tips on how they could get their video seen or their band as known as mine,... I told em' the truth ,... it's justa' buncha fucking payola ,..." Laughs Hagins ,... Hagins Songwriting has been spectacular ,... In an era of dead music and predictable shit like Foo Fighters and Disturbed , Hagins Songwriting has stood out on the web ,..and he has collected nearly 100,000 LinkedIn Followers and friends: "The LinkedIn people genuinely seem to like me ,... they write me emails where they reach out and tell me their sad stories,.... they are literally begging me to help them and give them tips on how they too can get big on the internet,...I don't know what to tell them" Says Hagins ,.."I am 50 years old and my blogs are funny ,...People read my shit and laugh but they genuinely appreciate the videos and music ,... they are very encouraging ,.... but I tell them it is all payola ,... whoever has the most money will get the most exposure, simply fucking comes down to that !! ,..and to make sure that you write "Fuck" alot ,..( Laughs ) ,... To be serious, Hagins has struck a nerve with "Brandy" and the controversial "White Black Thang" is just indie and out of key enough to please the most skeptical indie or Iggy Pop fan !!